NEWSFLASH – There is No Magic Real Estate Investor Marketing Pill

Marketing is not a cocktail of magic pills with immediate results. But clients do want it to solve a problem or take away the pain. Nothing new there. The word anodyne, which you do not see used that often, has two meanings;

1. Serving to take away pain, or more specifically a drug or medicine.

When you have a lack of leads, feel invisible or want to launch a new product or service then you have a pain you want solved. In comes marketing to offer solutions, strategies and tactics to make the pain go away.

Often the marketing message looks to highlight a pain for your target audience that your product or service solves.

Nothing new there.

2. Not likely to offend or arouse tensions.

If your business tries to position itself here, it’s more vanilla and you run the risk of not solving your pain at all.

You will never appeal to everyone, those that try, end up in #2 marketing instead of #1.

A different thought occurred, perhaps Anodyne would make a great name for a marketing agency? Quick Google search confirmed I wasn’t the first to think of that.

Nothing new there either !!

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