Is Your Real Estate Investing Business Overwhelming?


Which is worse? To overwhelm or the opposite?
When marketing your real esatate investing business there probably is the danger of overwhelming someone, either with facts and figures or enthusiasm……. or worse.

But what about underwhelm?

Apparently the word ‘underwhelm’ is a 20th century created word, whereas overwhelm is Middle English.

I am wondering if underwhelm came about because of the proliferation of marketing and branding and the expectation of being wowed?

And when we are not – we are underwhelmed!

One way to ensure you are not leaving a ‘meh’ impression is to ask yourself “Would what I have just done/said impress me to the point that I want to know more?”

If the answer is No – or rather is not a ‘Hell Yeah!” then perhaps its back to the drawing board.

How are you overwhelming (in a good way) in your business?

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