Ignore the Math and Identify the ABC’s of Your Real Estate Investing Brand

There is never a bad time to be measuring your real estate investing brand and it does not always have to boil down to the numbers. After all much of what we think are important metrics, like the number of followers, how many likes or comments or views of a recent flip or before and after BRRRR video are more trailing indicators than leading ones.

If your core brand foundation is not clear and you are communicating a fuzzy message then as Donald Miller would say “If you confuse you lose”

So ignore the math for a moment and let’s get back to the basics of ABC.


What is the value of your brand right now? What is the level of repeat business or which joint venture partners are coming back again to invest with you?

Take the time to run a survey of all aspects of your real estate investing business. Find out what you are doing well and where you need to improve. Don’t be shy in asking for feedback from those that said no, often that will provide more insight.

Do not underplay your strengths. Often the things you do so naturally AND so well are of more value to others than you realize.

Whilst we are are being continually told that we need to innovate and what got you here wont get you there it does nopt always have to be revolutionary to be valuable.


Hopefully as a good real estate investor you have been setting yourself some goals or milestones. But are you checking your progress….objectively?

Most of us are overly ambitious, especially at the start of a new year. Incremental progress is often more important in the long run – the compound effect.

It’s okay to dial things back a little or even do a reset. 3year and 5 year goals in the current climate are unrealistic, at least for long term planning. Be focused on the next 90 days, maybe 180, at most 365.


Focus on what you have done well and what people like about your brand. Be sure you included some of those questions in the survey.

Chances are those that like what you do are your ideal customer. Go out and find more of them. When was the last time you asked for a referral? Happy investors are much more likely to refer you. In fact, they want to see you succeed and are probably already talking about the success they have had with your real estate investing strategies.

“When we have an emotional connection and vested interest in a brand we want to tell others about it”

Are you making it easy for that referral to happen? How can you make it even easier?

Building a brand is a continuous process. If you are not measuring where you at and what others think then you run the risk of being misunderstood or worse ignored.

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