Using the Power of Google and Digital Advertising with Michael Halbmeier – Episode 6

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Learn how digital analytics and CRM help you grow your real estate investing business
  • Find out how to leverage Google for your real estate investing business to win in Google search 
  • Discover no-cost tools to help you with insights and information, in coming up with both organic and paid content, and also as a resource of inspiration for marketing


How do you attract qualified leads and make the most of your search and social media marketing? 

With a lack of insights and the different metrics available, it complicates things that you don’t know which ones to focus on first and foremost.

Learn to leverage Google and digital analytics to help you grow your real estate investing business. 

Michael Halbmeier is an SEO, PPC expert, and the founder of Clear Digital, an internet marketing company specializing in SEO, PPC & Analytics. He is an agency professional with 18 years of digital marketing experience.

In this episode, Michael talks about leveraging Google, so you gain the advantage in Google searches. He also recommends using Google’s tools to make use of them for your marketing purposes. 

He makes you think about SEO for organic traffic purposes. He talks about how you can make the most of Facebook boosted posts and campaigns. 

If you are struggling with content on Facebook, hear Michael share one social trending tool to help you with it. He shares more ways of coming up with social media content ideas that you can use for your real estate investing business.

He suggests a five-second test for your website, so you get people compelled to take action. He discusses the value you can get with video content and the value of transcription to go with it.

How you separate your brand from the rest is what he doubles down when he talks about his favorite brand and what makes it great.

Often, we overlook these three important things when it comes to Google analytics and customer confidence. Find out his thoughts about these three, as these are all crucial for your real estate investing brand.

He leaves us with inspiring thoughts to achieve a work-life balance.

3R’s – Read, Resource, Reflect


The Power of Habit – Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business by Charles Duhigg


Google Trends


“If you can’t explain it to a 6-year-old, then you cannot truly understand it yourself” – Albert Einstein 

“Life is like riding a bicycle; to keep balance, you have to keep moving” – Albert Einstein 

“Leaders leaving clues” – Anon

Topics Covered:

02:24 – What is digital analytics, and what are the main KPIs you should be tracking

04:28 – Why is digital analytics important?

05:46 – How critical is CRM in growing your business?

06:59 – What makes CRM worth considering?

08:31 – Google versus Facebook

10:00 – Three different ways you can win in Google search

11:14 – Two ways you can win in Google search when you are in the real estate investing business

12:39 – What’s interesting about ‘Google my Business.’

13:52 – Important things to know about SEO for organic purposes 

15:53 – What you should look into concerning blogging

18:20 – How does transcription on video help?

19:22 – Facebook’s boosted posts versus campaigns

21:09 – How Google Trends help with your Facebook organic content

23:09 – Keyword and Topic research

25:19 – What to avoid with Google display advertising and your website

27:45 – What he loves most about this one particular brand he considers his favorite

29:48 – How innovation can separate you from the rest

30:37 – An interesting book he recommends: The Power of Habit – Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business by Charles Duhigg

32:35 – A favorite tool that he gets insights and nuggets from

34:45 – Favorite quotes that defines his life and business

37:28 – What he says about these three things: heat maps, social proof, and testimonials

Key Takeaways:

“At the end of the day, it comes to qualified leads, so the only thing you should be tracking as your main KPIs are phone calls, emails, and forms submitted. That’s the top tier.” – Michael Halbmeier

“The second tier would be engagement on the content. If you’ve got valuable content that your end-user might wish to download, that would be seen as a value to the end user. Tracking that is important because it will give you insight to how many people are engaging with that content. And sure, you produce more of it. And use that as an indication of engagement with your brand.” – Michael Halbmeier

“If you’re committed to growing your business and becoming more sophisticated along the way, your CRM doesn’t have to be overly expensive.”– Michael Halbmeier

“Having a close tab on who you have, from a record standpoint, I do feel is critically important. Because then again, understanding what types of leads, qualifying those leads, and understanding how you got them is critical.”– Michael Halbmeier

“I often talk about Google My Business being the new homepage. If you think about where things appear on a search engine results page, it’s ads first. If there’s local intent, it’s Google My Business second. And then comes your website. I see a lot of businesses put time, energy, and effort into website SEO.” – Michael Halbmeier

“One of the strategies and tactics I employed, thinking about local markets as well if you’re in the real estate investment side of things, you can talk about how you service an area and actually be rewarded with local service area pages on your website.”– Michael Halbmeier

“Transcription on video certainly helps. When you’re uploading video content on YouTube, think about your YouTube channel description. That’s a critical piece in the video description, as well.”– Michael Halbmeier

“Facebook boosted posts versus the campaign — I’m more of the mind that it’s the campaign that will have a better return on investment.” – Michael Halbmeier

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