Use a Second Brain to Accelerate Your Success with Daniel Martinez and Anthony Gaona – Episode 20

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Discover what makes Hivemind software unique and different from the other CRMs (Customer Relationship Management system) available in the market
  • Find out how you can accelerate your real estate investing game rather than just doing okay
  • Learn how you can leverage Hivemind mastermind as a power network and a power team for your real estate investing business


Invest in Debt: The “How To” Book on “Buying Paper” for Cash Flow by Jim Napier

The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment by Eckhart Tolle




Efficiency is what we are all trying to achieve. But when all we use with reminders and to-do’s are papers and post-its lying everywhere, that most likely defeats the purpose of getting organized and productive.

How do you make your lead generation process flow better and make sure you’re not missing any leads and letting anything slip through?

Daniel Martinez is a co-founder at Hivemind CRM. He is also a commercial investor, a developer and owns a software company.

Anthony Gaona is a Hivemind CRM co-founder and a Nationwide Land, Ranch & Farm Investor.

In this episode, Daniel and Anthony talk about Hivemind as a CRM software and also a mastermind.

They built Hivemind out of a necessity to get everything organized and have all the marketing tools in one place for a smooth transition from one tool to another.

While other CRMs work by connecting to other marketing tools, Hivemind has it all integrated. You need not use separate tools and run the risk of forgetting or getting lost in the process. 

It’s about time you forget about using Excel spreadsheets separately and ditch your scraps of paper and post-its with a more reliable and robust CRM.

Do you want to create unlimited websites for the specific purpose you want to use them for? That’s a possibility here.

Are you finding it hard to look for joint venture partners and lists to market with? With Hivemind Mastermind being a power network and a superpower team, there is a lot to look forward to. 

Having growing pains and figuring out so many things with your real estate investing business? Find out how the Hivemind mastermind group takes care of that.

Worrying about high marketing costs? Learn how Hivemind mastermind can lower that.

Topics Covered:

04:07 – What is Hivemind, and how the idea of it was born?

07:19 – The notion behind creating the Hivemind mastermind

08:48 – Talking about Hivemind as more than just a software

09:31 – Comparing how they track leads before and the way they do now with Hivemind

10:16 – Having people on the platform with so much value to give and people learn a lot from.

11:10 – Is Hivemind for seasoned or brand new investors?

12:11 – Does Hivemind software cater globally and with any type of business other than just real estate?

13:27 – What is unique, and what differentiates their CRM from the rest in the market?

14:48 – How does Hivemind help with lead generation and marketing now and in the future?

16:32 – How does Hivemind lower marketing costs?

18:34 – Talking about Hivemind being complementary to all other lead generation strategies

20:05 – What does ‘The List Guys’ do and help you with, and what is meant by skip tracing?

23:27 – How does ‘List Guys’ apply to specialized or niched markets?

24:41 – What’s the biggest thing about having the Hivemind CRM instead of just relying on Excel or a paper system?

25:55 – Huge benefits of having the Hivemind CRM

31:11 – Daniel and Anthony’s favorite brand preference 

33:28 – The duo’s recommended books

37:15 – Making unlimited websites inside Hivemind

Key Takeaways:

“I’ve heard these gurus say their marketing budget is $100,000 a month or $200,000 a month for marketing for them to be able to sustain the real estate company. With the Hive mind, the bigger your team gets, because we have an affiliate program where you add people to the CRM, and we pay you monthly for it, and you teach them to do exactly what we’re doing, and we can teach them as well, your marketing costs actually go down day by day.” – Anthony Gaona

“Having a CRM is what I call it like an outsourced brain because now I don’t have all this cognitive loading, where I have to remember all these dates and numbers and stuff.” – Anthony Gaona

“When I first started, it was Excel spreadsheets. You always have to put reminders and stuff paper on your desk, and it was just annoying. I got into Podio, and it was a different animal. And it’s complex. That just wasn’t for me. And then when we had the opportunity to create this, there’s just so much more efficient as user-friendly. You can do a lot more with it. Calling, texting, everything all in one.” – Daniel Martinez

“Persons like DeAndre mentioned that he was already doing well, but getting in our system just accelerated him to making his first six-figure month and now he’s doing it back to back.” – Daniel Martinez

“I’m doing a pretty decent amount of real estate deals right now that I haven’t really had to touch at all. So that between a CRM and a mastermind, it’s been a blessing, it’s been surreal, to say the least.” – Daniel Martinez

“And that’s the beauty of the mastermind — that there are multiple levels of people that have been in different situations. For you, it might be a mountain right in front of you, but for them, so hey, just step to the left and go right, right up the hill, there’s a trail right there. And you’re going to overcome that, super easy. And then you can kind of shortcut a lot of the pain of business.” – Daniel Martinez

“You actually have the ability to make unlimited websites. Our landing pages are built on our platform 100%.” – Daniel Martinez

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