Marketing Your Real Estate Investing Business with Paul Copcutt – Episode 17

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Discover ideas in identifying what makes you unique
  • Find out why you need to have a niche and specialty
  • Find out why social media is not all it’s cracked up to be
  • Learn how to easily create videos unique to your real estate investing business
  • Learn how to use LinkedIn to build your real estate investing business

When it comes to your real estate investing business, getting your message clear is one first step but what comes next?

How do you go about the process of branding your real estate investing business and attract the right investors?

In this episode, Paul shares with us the most important things you need to know about differentiating your real estate investing brand among the crowd. 

Keeping in mind the three C’s of branding helps keep you on track in putting out your marketing message, and Paul underscores on those three.

Let’s listen to his insights on why you have to play the long game and keep giving value.

Check out his favorite books and the podcast he listens to, they are of big help.

And if there is one thing he truly points out for your branding and strategy it’s all about just being yourself.

Topics Covered:

04:15 – What does Paul help people with as a branding and strategy consultant?

04:52 – Sharing a background of his work in personal branding

08:44 – The key elements that will help your real estate investing business stand out from the rest

11:10 – Understanding what brand differentiation is

14:21 – Once you’re clear with your message, what’s next?

16:57 – How can real estate investors best utilize LinkedIn in terms of what to post?

19:29 – Paul’s thoughts on creating two LinkedIn accounts if you have a main job and real estate investing business is your side hustle

20:48 – Ways you can create videos that you can upload on a medium you are most comfortable with

22:25 – Social media and forums to best put out your written and video content 

23:53 – The three C’s of branding

25:44 – What’s the best form of keeping in touch with people

27:50 – The value of consistency and playing for the long game

30:18 – Keep providing value and you’ll get a return on that

31:43 – Paul’s favorite real estate investing books

32:18 – Podcast he checks out

33:11 – Thoughts on brand damage

33:39 – What his interests are outside of work

34:09 – How he is going to start up if he loses everything now

34:31 – Advice for someone who has $50,000 on where to spend it wisely

Key Takeaways:

“It’s the personal brand that will differentiate. What do they bring to the table that’s different that makes them stand out? – Paul Copcutt

“First and foremost, is spending some time understanding what are those emotional attributes and skills that people associate with you, but not with someone else.” – Paul Copcutt

“The other element of branding is to specialize, at least initially, to try and be something to everyone.” – Paul Copcutt

“A great thing would be, what are the 10 things that you’ve been asked 100 times by potential clients. Well, okay, shoot a video for every one of those ten. 30 seconds, grab your phone, shoot yourself, stick it up on LinkedIn.” – Paul Copcutt

“The one thing to keep in mind is, perhaps not to try to do too much everywhere, but maybe pick one medium that you’re most comfortable with.” – Paul Copcutt

“Everything I see you do, everything I see you interact with, or 90% of the time, it goes back to ,oh, yes, that’s part of your brand.” – Paul Copcutt

“I used to say, constancy, kind of working at it all the time. But I kind of dropped that now. It’s not necessarily that you need to be doing it all the time, but you need to have context. It needs to have relevance.” – Paul Copcutt

“I always say with branding, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Let’s look at the brands. The chances are, if you look at the brands you know, and love, not just people but products and services, they’ve taken time to build. I mean, Apple is not a phone that just came out three weeks ago.” – Paul Copcutt

“Don’t try to be somebody you’re not. You already have the qualities that make you who you are. Leverage those.” – Paul Copcutt

*This interview was originally published by Sarah Larbi on the Where Should I Invest podcast in January 2019.

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