Is Zooming Out Damaging Your Personal Brand with Paul Copcutt – Episode 16

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Find out the essential steps you need to take before you even attend an online event.
  • Learn about the necessary things you need to avoid during the event.
  • Learn why and how to follow up with any of the connections and actions that you set to take, before or during the event

Are you already tired and worn out of the many meetings and virtual events you attend online?

Does getting back to in-person meetings appeal to you at the moment?

The novelty and excitement of having just to stay home and do everything online have already worn off.

In this episode, Paul shares some lessons from recent online events he has attended and helped facilitate and tips on how you can build your brand before, during, and after an event. 

With our goal of maximizing every event for our brand awareness and visibility, and network building, you wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity to do so.

With that end in mind, it is wise to make the most of what you can do for the time invested in those events. 

Let’s listen to Paul’s insights in this regard as they help you best leverage virtual events for your real estate investing business.

Topics Covered:

04:17 – What steps to take into consideration pre-event when looking at events online

08:18 – Precautions you need to take during the event

09:12 – What you should take note in terms of getting involved with the event

10:29 – One thing you should be careful of when getting too involved or enthusiastic during the event

14:10 – How you can network with people during the event without being spammy or sleazy

15:08 – Why do you need to, and how do you follow through after the event?

16:39 – Taking the time to measure the value you get against the goals you set at the start

Key Takeaways:

“Meetings should be like salt, a spice sprinkled carefully to enhance a dish. Too much salt destroys a dish. Too many meetings destroy morale and motivation.” – Jason Fried

“When you’re thinking about attending meetings, I think you do need to be selective, you do need to think about what are the objectives or the goals that you’re setting yourself for attending that meeting in the first place.” – Paul Copcutt

“Make sure that you’re looking for as much detail as possible of the event. The less there is a description, the less that they are promising, the bigger the red flag as far as I’m concerned.” – Paul Copcutt

“Look at who’s speaking, not just from whether you recognize them or not, do a Google search and see if they’ve spoken elsewhere if there’s feedback from other events where the speakers have attended. And what do people think of the information that they’ve shared?” – Paul Copcutt

“Search for that conference hashtag and see who else might be already registered and saying they’re going. That might give you an indication, as you know, are these the type of people that you want to be potentially engaging with?” – Paul Copcutt

“Once you’ve decided on registering for the event, share it yourself. It’s not only for you to have other people like you interested decide to attend as well. It’s also a brand-building exercise, it puts the notice out there that you’re spending time investing in yourself.” – Paul Copcutt

“Don’t be afraid to reach out to the organizers and the speakers ahead of time.” – Paul Copcutt

“Once you’ve decided it is the event, make sure it’s booked into your calendar and give yourself the time and the space to attend.” – Paul Copcutt

“During the event. Try to turn off the distractions; be present, you’ve invested the time you’ve done the research, this is an event you want to add to your knowledge or your network or your business. So put that time aside, don’t try to multitask, you’ll end up switching yourself off from both and not be performing well in either area.” – Paul Copcutt

“Follow up with the connections you’ve made, you know, you’ve invested time.” – Paul Copcutt

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