What Was That You Said With Paul Copcutt – Episode 15

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Understand what it is you’re doing that maybe confusing people more than clarifying for them
  • Learn how to break down your message into more simplified language
  • Find out the five recommendations on using words or acronyms that confuse people

Have you thought about the consequence of assuming that people understand what we mean with words or acronyms, especially using industry jargon?

Just because it is widely used in the real estate industry doesn’t mean everyone knows what they are.

In this episode, Paul shares something he is guilty of, as most of us are, talking to someone using words or acronyms that confuse rather than clarify.

We’re often so fixated on our own space and industry that we set aside the fact that there are those outside our fold who don’t know the industry jargon we are talking about.

We want to get our message across to prospective real estate investors in ways and at the level that they understand. Otherwise, we might be losing them in the process just because we confuse them.

That’s why Paul came up with the five recommendations around not using words and jargon that people find confusing so your messaging will work out for you.

Topics Covered:

01:29 – What Paul is guilty about

02:18 – Why you need to be very cautious when using industry jargon

06:00 – What is jargon?

07:05 – Five recommendations to avoid over jargoning

Key Takeaways:

“Sometimes we do spend so much of our time kind of focused within our own space within our own industry, within our own markets that we forget that sometimes we’re over complicating things.” – Paul Copcutt

“Keep it simple. Keep it around about 12 to 15-year olds’ language level of understanding. And you can’t go wrong with that.” – Paul Copcutt

“Make sure that it’s a focused message, that you’re sharing the benefits of whatever it is you’re trying to explain. And it’s aimed at the people that you’re trying to explain it to.” – Paul Copcutt

“Make sure that the messaging is consistent, on your website, in presentations that you make, marketing materials that you’re sharing with people. Any touchpoint that people are coming across your messaging, you want to ensure that there’s consistency there.” – Paul Copcutt

“If you’re going to do a weighing upscale between Google and the audience, then you want to err towards the side of the audience versus making it Google Keyword focused.” – Paul Copcutt

“Make sure that you’re injecting YOU into your messaging; people buy from people.” – Paul Copcutt

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