I Didn’t Ask For Your E-mail Anyway with Paul Copcutt – Episode 14

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Learn action steps on how to write and send emails that don’t end up as spam
  • Learn the Do’s and Dont’s in email marketing so you avoid the risk of doing damage to your brand
  • Find out useful tips about writing and sending emails to help in making your marketing strategy effective

You may be doing your brand more harm than good if you’re sending messages to people who haven’t even agreed to receive them or subscribe to them.

That kind of action reeks of desperation in generating leads and that is not a good idea to begin with.

How do you make your email effective for marketing your real estate investing business without having to demand attention, become too salesy or sound spammy?

In this episode, Paul relates a personal experience that doesn’t sit well with him and even the rules and regulations set by different countries — receiving an email that he is not even subscribed to.

If you think cutting corners illegally will do you good in your email marketing, you should think again. 

Not only will you run the risk of getting your emails marked as spam, your brand suffers in the long run.

How about doing what’s appropriate but effective — building trust that leads to long-term relationships?

Let’s learn a thing or two, and more as Paul shares how to make email marketing an effective marketing tool for your real estate investing brand.

“Think about making that connection between who you are, who your brand is, what you’re trying to achieve, kind of longer term from a content and marketing perspective. And make sure it all ties in and there’s that clarity and that consistency of message.” 

– Paul Copcutt 

Topics Covered:

01:30 – Talking about email marketing – do’s and don’ts 

02:45 – Reasons why your email marketing may not be working

04:53 – Five Don’ts to consider when it comes to your email marketing

07:24 – The five Do’s to think about regarding your email marketing

10:46 – Three useful things you should look into in sending emails

Key Takeaways:

“Email marketing is still the most effective way to reach people. And so it does need to be an integral part of your real estate investing business, building and brand building the marketing, but you want to be doing it sensibly and not making dumb mistakes, like adding people to lists that you shouldn’t be adding people to.” – Paul Copcutt

“If you’ve got a list of people that don’t even want your message, and you’re continuing to send it to them, it’s costing you money. It’s much better to have a smaller, engaged list who wants to receive your messages and potentially will engage with you to the point of hiring you or working with you.” – Paul Copcutt

Don’t expect this to be the shortcut, quick way to generate leads and prospects. It is a long-term game. But if you work at it, then email marketing can be a highly effective marketing tool for you to use in your real estate investing business.” – Paul Copcutt

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