Don’t Make This Marketing Mistake and Get Sued with Paul Copcutt – Episode 13

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Learn the basic copyright understanding of using images, materials, writing, or anything you create or make, so you avoid getting into trouble with lawsuits.
  • Find out what is the ‘four-factor fair use test’ so you get to know to what extent you can use a certain image or any material.
  • Discover recommended resources for free commercial use and image search purposes so you get ones you can have for fair use and the ones you need to ask permission to use.

Using other people’s image or material without their permission could end up making you pay a penalty or get sued.

If you think about it, and as experience would have it, it would cost you only a small amount to buy the image or material you use than what you might end up paying in a fine or spend on lawsuits.

That is not something we want to happen to you.

How do you make sure you are using images or materials for free commercial use and not run the risk of copyright infringement issues?

In this episode, Paul talks about a personal experience of dealing with image use and the challenges he had with it. And he shares with us the lessons learned from that, as well as his own research about and around copyright concerns — the key areas to consider when using other people’s image and what you put out there as your content. 

Even just the mere sharing of another’s post on social media could mean infringement which is something you need to be aware of. 

To help you with using fair use images and materials check out the recommended resources you can take advantage of using. 

Just listen to Paul’s thoughts and advice about this whole copyright issue, and you are on your way to avoid getting into copyright entanglement.

“Three points that you really want to think about in terms of using anybody’s content. Know the basic copyright laws, read the terms and conditions of the platforms that you’re using because every one of them will be different. And my best advice would be seeking permission, not forgiveness; you definitely seek legal guidance.” – Paul Copcutt

Topics Covered:

02:06 – Relating an experience of using an image that has copyright to it and nearly gets him sued

04:53 – Saving a client from getting into the same trouble he did with using copyrighted images 

07:01 – Not everything on the internet is fair game or fair use

07:51 – Three key areas to consider when using a particular image, material, writing, or anything you make or create

13:46 – The ‘four-factor fair use test’ you need to know about

16:38 – Two websites you can find free commercial use images or material

18:20 – More recommended resources you can use

19:51 – Why do searches for your own images

20:20 – Recommended resources for image search

Key Takeaways:

“The copyright symbol is not necessarily needed because it is presumed to be yours straight away. So when you see websites where you see printed materials, and it has that C symbol, it’s not typically actually needed, from what I understand. No one can use your content or your work without your permission.” – Paul Copcutt

“It’s a common mistake or a common misconception that generally, you don’t assume just because it’s out there on the internet, it’s fair game, or it’s okay to use it.” – Paul Copcutt

“It doesn’t necessarily need to be that you’re earning revenue. Commercial use does not mean necessarily just earning something from that presentation or from that piece of content; it could be that you’re just personally benefiting from putting it out there.” – Paul Copcutt

“You want to think about social media. And every platform has different terms and conditions. Much as we don’t want to read into the details of terms and conditions, it is important to understand the terms and conditions when it comes to using content.” – Paul Copcutt

“You want to ask permission, make sure that you have the right license to use as well.” – Paul Copcutt

Resources mentioned: 

Commercial Use Image Sites 

Paid image sites

Can I Use That Picture Infographic: 

Reverse image searching


Tin Eye:

Connect with Paul Copcutt:

Music: Thank you to Zoax for the intro music

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