Leverage LinkedIn to Generate Nonstop Sales Leads, Clients, and Revenue with John Nemo – Episode 11

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Learn how to optimize your LinkedIn profile so it is specifically targeted on the market you want to connect and partner with in your real estate investing business
  • Find out actionable tips to help you with LinkedIn messaging that turns into sales conversations and ultimately into conversion
  • Discover real quick, simple wins that set your LinkedIn profile apart from the rest

3R’s – Read, Resource, Reflect


How To Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie




“People do not care about you. People do not care about me. People care about themselves – Morning, Noon and after Supper.” – Dale Carnegie

Have you ever looked closely at your LinkedIn profile and found out what you’ve done right or wrong with it? 

How do you build authority, showcase your expertise, and build lasting connections with no sales pitch or email spams?

John Nemo is an Online Course Creator and Bestselling Author who helps Business Coaches, Consultants, Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners generate quality leads, build their client base and increase revenue using digital marketing platforms, tools and strategies like Content Marketing, LinkedIn and Webinars.

The author of 8 books, John is a former Associated Press Reporter, Talk Radio Producer, Award-Winning PR Director, and Social Media Consultant based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

John has personally rewritten LinkedIn profiles for A-List Entrepreneurs, Speakers, and Bestselling Authors, including Chris Brogan, Mari Smith, John Lee Dumas, Bob Burg, Tom Ziglar, Jairek Robbins, Dan Miller, Ray Edwards, and many others.

In addition, John regularly guest blogs for Inc. Magazine and American City Business Journals. His work has also been featured in The Huffington Post, Business Insider, on LinkedIn’s official marketing blog, the Entrepreneur On Fire and Social Media Examiner podcasts, and many other outlets online.

Since 2012, John has helped hundreds of Business Coaches, Consultants, Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and others across dozens of different industries worldwide leverage LinkedIn to generate nonstop sales leads, clients, and revenue.

In this episode, John unpacks what could be the missing action steps that are stopping you from getting a steady flow of sales leads, clients, and income by making the most of your LinkedIn profile.

Hear him when he advises not to treat your profile like a resume and the best way to optimize and make it effective so it is client-facing from the get-go.

Let him teach you how to qualify leads that turn into sales conversations to conversions.

Mostly, people don’t know what to do when doing outreach for the first time. John helps you make your messaging as effective as you can get and not waste your time marketing to the wrong niche. 

Listen to him talk about what makes content a currency and create one that everyone wants and consumes.

And why you should always choose quality over quantity when it comes to content.

Testimonials and case studies are best to have to strengthen the know-like-and-trust factor in your real estate investing brand, and John shares his valuable thoughts on them.

Know about online marketing mistakes, so you turn them around and apply what is proven and works best to build lasting connections.

Get insights in sales, marketing, and customer service by finding out what favorite brand he looks up to, a business book he considers his all-time favorite, and the one quote he lives by.

Topics Covered:

01:05 – Looking back at that first meeting of Paul and John and how Paul took John’s advice and got him his first real estate investor client

02:54 – How do people use LinkedIn?

04:54 – What did he discover in 2012 that applies then and even more so now?

06:40 – One mistake that people are making with their LinkedIn profile

10:05 – How do you do your first outreach on LinkedIn?

11:43 – What you do with your LinkedIn messaging

13:08 – The four key components to make your LinkedIn messaging works well

15:18 – Marketing to people who are interested and qualified

17:07 – What is so crucial about niching?

19:17 – Important thoughts about the content you put on LinkedIn and social media

21:32 – Quality not quantity

23:23 – Using LinkedIn to start the conversation and get them to your email list

25:17 – Two simple tips to create great content

27:21 – Three simple things you need to create a good case study

28:24 – Important insights on having testimonials

30:18 – How to create testimonials for sensitive topics like in the rent-to-own niche

34:09 – Tips for creating content in the wholesaling niche of real estate investing business

37:47 – Go where the need is already but market to the referral partner

38:53 – John’s favorite brand and why he considers it as one

39:43 – One business book that he considers his Bible for sales, marketing, and customer service 

40:40 – The number one mistake made over again in online marketing sales

Key Takeaways:

“What I discovered and what you want to do with your LinkedIn profile if you’re a real estate investor, is really flip the script, instead of having a LinkedIn profile that reads like a resume all about you. It needs to be all about how you can help this target audience solve a problem or get a benefit they want. It needs to be all about how you can help this target audience solve a problem or get a benefit they want.” – John Nemo

“What I suggest is, once you’ve got this profile client-facing, and it’s all about what I do, who I serve, what makes me unique, different, better, instead of a resume. And now I suggest you go out, use LinkedIn search, like Google B2B for leads, you find those exact people that you’ve tailored your profile to talk to, and invite them to connect, and then use one on one messaging.” – John Nemo

“Content is currency. You have to have some sort of content to show them you’re legitimate; you’re an authority, you get people results, you have testimonials, not sales, marketing stuff. But storytelling case study. And again, hyper niche, the riches are in the niches.” – John Nemo

“Just make it simple, go to people you’ve already had success with, and just sell them the same thing.”  – John Nemo

“Reverse engineer, that when you go prospecting on LinkedIn, make your profile all about those people, how you help them, make that little piece of content, a case study, just take one client that you’ve had success with, share that story, then you’re going to open up these opportunities, and people are going to go, boy, this really makes sense.” – John Nemo

“It’s nice to have consistent content to have credibility and authority and have a brand. And that’s great. But if you’re crunched for time, you’re going to be way more successful targeting people one on one, having just enough content to kind of move that relationship forward. And then closing deals.” – John Nemo

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