Using Your Moral Compass for Ultimate Success with Paul Copcutt – Episode 10

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Find out how to recognize if a particular real estate investing business deal or person is a good match for you
  • Discover one tool to help you hone in on what your top values to help guide if a real estate investing business opportunity is the right one for you
  • Learn the three steps to identify your top five values that are critical for your real estate investing brand’s core foundation


Compromising your values every day is only going to be too much stress for you to handle. 

It doesn’t help even if it’s the biggest real estate investing business deal out there.

How do you evaluate if a real estate investing business deal is the right opportunity for you? And when do you walk away from what could be your biggest business deal?

In this episode, Paul shares how to go about the steps in zeroing in on your top five values – understanding them, defining them, taking action on them, and scoring them based on how you’re living them right now. He underscores how your personal life should mirror your real estate investing business belief system to help you find the right real estate investing match and partnership.

“Our personal brand is a reflection of our business brand.” – Paul Copcutt

Topics Covered:

01:07 – Determining factor if a business deal is the right one for you?

03:08 – Personal life mirroring your business life

05:06 – Talking about one of the core foundation exercises: Why is it crucial to know your values?

06:23 – Three steps you need to do to understand your values better

10:23 – Why should you not rush doing these core foundation exercises?

12:47 – What happens if you compromise your values every day?

13:18 – What your personal brand says about your real estate investing business

Key Takeaways:

“Some people say, well, business is business, and personal is personal. But that’s not the case. Because whatever you do in your personal life, bleeds over into your business life and vice versa.” – Paul Copcutt

I really do encourage you to think about your values because your values are the operating principles that form the base of your belief system. And you take your values with you wherever you go. It’s like a moral compass.” – Paul Copcutt

“To better understand your values, what I recommend is taking note of when something bothers you, the chances are that one of your values is being violated or compromised in some way.” – Paul Copcutt

“The reason this has been your top five – what that is going to mean sometimes is that you do walk away from the best deal you might ever come across or from a business relationship or partnership. But you’re going to be able to carry yourself forward in a much more ethical, positive, feel-good way than if you’re compromising that value every day.” – Paul Copcutt

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