Leveraging Video for Content Marketing and Branding with Bruce Outridge – Episode 9

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Learn the tricks and tips on how to create content on any platform with just one video
  • Discover equipment, apps, and resources to help you create engaging and creative video content for your audience
  • Find out what you should know about doing livestreams, transcribing video, and doing a combo of content other than video to showcase a property or other real estate assets, so you engage and compel them to take action

3R’s – Read, Resource, Reflect


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Google Calendar


Just do it. – Nike


For many, creating content for marketing and branding is a challenge.

How do you show your expertise in real estate investing and engage your audience at the same time?

Learn the tricks and tips of creating video content, the fun and creative way.

Bruce Outridge is a person of many talents as a media entrepreneur specializing in Transportation and Creative Industries. He is a Professional Artist, Author, Podcast Producer, Speaker, Videographer, and Television Host.

Outridge Enterprises Inc. is the parent company to three divisions known as Bruce Outridge Productions, Outridge Consulting Services, and Outridge Translation Services.

Although each operates and markets itself separately they are all intertwined to create a powerful group of companies. Bruce is the President and Director of the company handling operational duties and promotional services for our divisions. 

In this episode, Bruce shares the one thing you need to have in mind, so you shake off the fear of creating videos and focus on whoever you need to help.

He talks about the four things you need to remember when doing interviews to get things going without any script.

Want to know how videos work best on any platform? You need not worry as he gives his tips and tricks.

Want to have insights about going live, how to get a decent video and good audio?

How about the need for transcriptions, how to mount a video from all other different forms of content, and overcome the challenge to put out regular video content? 

Listen in as he has all those covered.

Just as there are do’s, there are also don’ts on what you can show in your video content and make things somewhat believable. Look forward to that.

He shares his favorite podcasts, brand, quotes and how he is inspired by these and how it serves as his guiding principle in life and business.

Video editing apps and more editing hacks are in the can as he shares his secrets with us.

Topics Covered:

03:25 – Why you should get ‘away from you’ when doing videos

04:55 – The four things you should do in any interview 

08:30 – Learning the tricks of any platforms with one video content

11:23 – Equipment you can have and tips you can do to have a decent video and clear audio without spending much

12:50- Overcoming the challenge of creating regular video content

14:32 – Is transcription useful for videos relating to real estate investing business?

18:00 – Helpful insights when doing live video

22:14 – Making good use of content other than video

25:02 – Using video and a combination of different contents to answer FAQs

25:54 – How to make things believable, the do’s and don’ts of showing your lifestyle and your personal side

29:06 – What makes this brand his favorite one?

31:15 – Thoughts on Apple Podcasts monetization

32:03 – Favorite podcasts that inspire him and he’s subscribed to

33:32 – Why he subscribes and listens to his own podcast

36:55 – Video editing apps he uses and recommends

37:43 – Talking about A-roll and B-roll in the video world

40:38 – More tips in making videos and how to make it fun

44:47 – Favorite quote that he lives by

45:56 – Learn how to make things stable and get creative

Key Takeaways:

“Get it away from you. As long as you get it off yourself and onto whoever you’re trying to help, that’s when the videos get a lot better.” – Bruce Outridge

“Whatever it takes to describe whatever you’re trying to describe is how long it should be. I don’t care if it’s 10 or two, or five or whatever. If it takes you 10 minutes to get that point across whatever it might be, then do 10 minutes if it takes two minutes, do two minutes.” 

“If you have a decent phone, that will do a lot. As far as the video, it will do a lot. It’s not so much the equipment, a lot of people get caught up in this, you need to have good audio.” 

“If you’re a real estate agent, where the hottest house comes up whenever, you might just want to post whenever. And that might be that’s its own tactic of making people subscribe to you so they can get the latest thing.”

“You’ve got to be careful with transcription. If it was technical, where someone has to follow steps or something like that, then yes, I would probably take that extra step. But I personally don’t for general topics.”

“I think the title is probably more important than the thumbnail, but the thumbnail needs to attract them.”

“Do that live now and get people excited. Use something wherever the audience hangs out the most, if you’re on Facebook, let people know that at 12 o’clock, I’m going to be showcasing this greatest buy, you’ll only see it once, and go and do a walkthrough of the highlights of that. And then say contact me if you want any more lives.”

“Video is powerful, because people can actually see what’s going on. And it’s best for SEO, because if you’re using YouTube, it’s owned by Google. It’s a way of really engaging people.”

“The way you want people to perceive you is the way that you have to be in the video.”

Additional resources and recommendations: 

Final Cut Pro

Adobe Premiere

After Effects



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