Mentoring, Mompreneurship, Mindset, and Marketing to Success and Freedom with Brooke Shang – Episode 8

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Learn how to find your unique selling point as a real estate investor so you gain a competitive advantage over the rest
  • Find out ways to make use of your time wisely, so you get more efficient and productive 
  • Learn about the right mindset in getting started, so you get prepared and set the right and strong foundation for your real estate investing business 

3R’s – Read, Resource, Reflect


Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu

Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki


Excel Sheet

Landlord Credit Bureau


“If you’re playing not to lose, you never win.”

“Success leaves clues.”

“It seems impossible until somebody has done it.” – Nelson Mandela

“Whether you say you can or you can’t, you’re right.” – Henry Ford


Not starting on the right footing will make you lose balance; you will not have the stamina to continue going, and you will likely quit. And that is not what you want as a real estate investor.

How do you get started and keep going in your real estate investing business?

Take action steps to have a brand foundation, and you’re in for a long haul.

Brooke Shang has gone from a stay-at-home mom to a management consultant to replacing her working income within three years of starting in real estate investing. She has an MBA in marketing from York University’s Schulich School of Business and a Hons BA in Economics and Environmental Studies from the University of Toronto.

Currently, Brooke is an active real estate investor, a coach, and a mentor, and still working as a management consultant. In addition, Brooke is also the author of the book “Financial Freedom: 7 commandments from the networking queen of real estate” The book is for new and existing investors who want to set themselves up for success with a strong foundation using creative or hybrid strategies.  

With her corporate job working with all major computer brands, and her journey as a real estate investor, she is here to share her take on branding and build her real estate business through networking and financial education. She believes that she will be able to help others create the results they want with the proper training and guidance the same way she was trained and mentored.

In this episode, Brooke shares how she got started in real estate investing. For an introvert like her, she tells us how she was able to get past her shyness and got herself into networking with like-minded people.

Hear out the abundance mindset in the real estate investing world and see how you can make significant connections.

Get more efficient and productive with Brooke’s time management tips.

Listen to her talk about the importance of personal brand equity and communicating your competitive advantage.

She takes key points from her book on the most crucial things to do when getting started in your real estate investing business to sustain the momentum even amidst market shifts and tough times.

There are helpful insights to learn from great brands and Brooke mentions her favorites to help you in your branding as real estate investors. 

So much is shared when it comes to tools, resources, nuggets of wisdom and thoughts to help you simplify and make things effective. 

Topics Covered:

02:33 – Getting started in real estate investing business and what her unique branding style is

04:00 – How to take away that uncomfortable factor to get started with networking

06:15 – The abundance mindset of real estate investors 

07:21 – How to become efficient and productive

09:42 – Learning how to pivot and communicate in a different platform

10:50 – How real estate investors provide value and communicate your competitive advantage

13:53 – The important summary of what her book is all about

16:17 – Mistakes real estate investors make

17:00 – Why is personal brand equity important?

19:40 – As real estate investors, why does it not matter if the market is going up or down?

20:57 – What makes these brands her favorite

21:59 – What is OEM?

26:20 – Looking up to entrepreneurs behind the brand

27:28 – Her favorite business book, podcast, and author and what to love about them

32:09 – Real estate as a financial planning tool

33:27 – Tools and resources that help her simplify things

36:20 – One helpful no-cost CRM tool you can use

38:13 – Sharing quotes that serve as her guiding principles in life as in business

41:02 – A nugget of gold for real estate investors: “Think about your unique selling point, what’s your competitive advantage; don’t just do the same thing.”

Key Takeaways:

“The thing I did a lot back then was just absorb, get myself educated and start networking. I kind of knew how other people get started to learn from their experience. For everybody, I think we are all unique; we have to find what’s unique about ourselves.” – Brooke Shang

“Just focus on what’s important first for that day. And the bigger picture is what’s important for you to reach certain goals in a certain period of time.” – Brooke Shang

“We have to pivot and learn how to communicate on a different platform now because how we present and how we communicate, it’s basically how we brand ourselves.” – Brooke Shang

“I found one of the ways to communicate is to share what we learned. Be careful of what advice you take as well, because I’ve seen people putting out advice that’s counterintuitive or totally not legal.” – Brooke Shang

“I start with a lot of mindset stuff. Because before I got into the strategy, in my book, I wanted the reader to understand how you should prepare yourself.” – Brooke Shang

“I think personal brand equity is very important. And people sometimes don’t think about that. That’s built over time as well.” – Brooke Shang

“It doesn’t mean the market changes, you cannot do anything. You just have to pivot and do different things or structure your deals differently.” – Brooke Shang

“I do believe human potential is amazing. I think one important thing is, sometimes we see other people do it, then we realize it can be done.” – Brooke Shang

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