5 Lessons Tom Brady Has For Real Estate Investors

Watching the 7th Superbowl win by the quarterback Tom Brady was certainly one for the history books and memories. Regardless of the sport, or even whether you like the sport, seeing an athlete perform at the top of their profession for over 20 years is remarkable.

As you look at the many strengths and abilities Tom Brady has that makes him successful, 5 stand out to me as being directly relatable for real estate investors.

  1. Understanding the System. Football is a game of many different plays and systems that the coaches implement. Having the players and the quarterback, in particular, understand those systems is paramount to success on the field. The same applies to real estate investors. Regardless of the system, or type of real estate investing you are doing it is vital that you understand the system otherwise you will end up with unprofitable projects or dud properties. This also applies to the marketing of your real estate business or projects. Understanding the marketing approach and where it’s going to take you to help you figure out where things work and what needs tweaking.
  2. See’s 10 Different Options. Brady is a master of managing the game from the pocket (the area protected by the defence). From there he can view the play as its unfolding and assess his options. Take a flip project for example. There are a lot of variables throughout the process and unexpected challenges along the way. Having different options, foreseeing them will help keep the project on track and hopefully on budget.
  3. Putting the Team in the Right Situation. Because Brady is so good at #1 and #2 ensures that his team is more likely to be in the right situation at the right time. He knows the strengths of every player in his team and when their skills are going to be needed. Assembling your power team is vital to your real estate investing business and knowing when to bring them in and involve them will mean you are maximizing their skills at the right time and outpace the competition.
  4. Strong Decision Making. It’s all well and good having the options and even getting the team in the right place at that right time. But if Tom Brady were the worst decision-maker then he probably would never be the MVP. Not every decision he makes is right or gets the right result either. But Brady rarely seems to second guess himself either. As a real estate investor, you have to be the same way. Once you have assessed the situation, weighed your options and put the team in the right place you have to pull the trigger and be strong AND confident in your decision. The colour choice for your real estate investing brand will not carry the same impact and belief if you are second-guessing or your team sees you hesitating on that 100,000 postcard drop to market your real estate investing business.
  5. Consistency. Brady is anything but inconsistent. He may play the occasional off game, or even as in one year miss a whole season. He might have a runaway, lop-sided win. But the following week he is back to the same approach and routine. Week in week out, he trains, he works and he plays at an amazing level of consistency. Building your real estate investing business has to be the same. Yes, you could have that unbelievable deal that generates way more money or the viral social media post. But the consistent performance at a particular level is what is going to give you consistent results and long-term gains.

After 20 years at the top of his game, it looks like Tom Brady is coming back for another season at age 44. He doesn’t need to, he wants to. Let’s hope you feel the same way about your real estate investing business.

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