3 Groundhog Branding Lessons for Real Estate Investors

You have to admit, the groundhog sure has done a good job of branding! That little critter is a marketing genius.

  1. Special Day – There is the day every year specifically for their brand. A quick Google search of Groundhog Day 2021 returns over 24 million page mentions!
  2. Memorable Name – Depending on which part of the world you are in you have your named favourite. Often that name is associated with a location and catchy alliteration. Names like Punxsutawney Phil, Chattanooga Chuck, or the Canadian Wiarton Willie or Shubenacadie Sam
  3. Thought Leadership (or at least some believed expertise!) – millions hang on the critter’s every action and determine their mood for the day based on it.

So what can you, the real estate investor be learning from Phil, Chuck, Willie or Sam?

  • What’s Your Special Day? – Don’t rely on the traditional times of year like the holidays to get people remembering you. Create your own Groundhog Day and make it fun and memorable. One that people look forward to.
  • How Do You Stand Out? – Far too often their is the temptation to go with the generic names and boring look and feel. Go a little further with striking names or colours that again get you noticed and stand out.
  • What Do you Stand For? – if you say the same thing as every other investor then the default boils down to the lowest common denominator – that might be price, location etc. But if you stand for something, become a trusted source or can be relied on for valuable information you are much more likely to be the one they turn to when they need it.

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